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Countries have become interlinked with each other through various networks in just a few generations, with the internet being the most popular way to communicate now. You can chat with people thousands of miles away, but isn't it that voice calling is still the most honest way to connect?

If your family is spread out abroad, then you must find it hard to talk; the internet is not always reliable, and it isn't the best way to reach anybody in an emergency. But land-line or cellular calling is not that great, too.

Your family members are hindered by high rates, confusing methods to place long distance calls, and the hassle of juggling multiple phones for different phone networks.

The few minutes you can talk will amount to hundreds of dollars on both of your bills; you and your family might even prefer to limit the calls to a few times per month just to avoid the bill shock.

But are you willing to sacrifice communication even if there is a cheaper, and better way?

With a Virtual Number, you and your loved ones can keep in touch easily without incurring long distance rates. Setting up is as easy as one, two, three. All you need to do is choose the country where your family member is, purchase your Virtual Number, and you can start receiving calls.

It doesn't work with just international calls, too. You can purchase local numbers to avoid domestic long distance charges. You can use this for your home business as a means for your current and potential clients to reach you. Over a hundred countries will be opened to you.

Imagine creating customer service branches in different states, all ran inside your home. With you won't need a secretary; all incoming calls can be managed in one centralized system, without the bothersome business of having multiple devices with different phone networks. You will have the means to reach farther, and grasp more opportunities with, and it starts for as low as $5/month.

Here's how it works. Once you have purchased your Virtual Number on your selected state or country, anybody in that place can dial your Virtual Number to call you; the rate will be the same as if they are actually calling domestically. Once placed, the call will be forwarded to your local number, be it your home or mobile phone. The area of coverage is vast and the network is built to handle huge volumes of traffic. In fact, call forwarding services are employed by millions of calls every month.

Still unconvinced? You can check out reviews of the services online, written by satisfied customers across countries. will meet your call forwarding needs wherever you are, as it had for countless others. breaches the wall of communication to make it easier for customers, loved ones, and business partners to reach each other, and it can make this happen for you too. Go ahead and register a Virtual Number and start connecting today.

Amazing Savings

Home or Business, low rates for all destinations one click away!

No Hidden Fees

Pay only for the minutes you use. No hidden charges or other fees.

Second Rounding

You will be charged for your calls by second rounding. No hidden fees

Balance Never Expires

Use your Voice Credit anytime, without any expiration date.


100% Quality Guarantee

Enjoy great call quality guaranteed by the latest telecom technologies.

About Us

Phoneroutes is a call forwarding service specializing in direct inward dialing (phone numbers), giving the user the ability to purchase local numbers globally and have that phone number forward to their home, cell, or office anywhere in the world. We stride for reliability and perfection in this service with cutting edge technologies and interconnects with some of the world’s largest phone carriers.

Users have the ability to track phone calls with advanced reporting views, and manipulate the destination of the inbound calls instantly from our award winning user control panel. Customers enjoy very low rates, as we are constantly improving our relations with carriers and carry on the savings to the customers.

Residential Users

Home Users

Giving home users the ability to give a local number to their family and friends so they would not have to incur toll charges (Long Distance) when calling you. Someone in California can give a local Ohio number to their parents to call and that would reach the customer’s California cell phone more

Business Users

Business Users

Showing a local presence to potential customers is important in some industries. With Phoneroutes, a business can have their office in Orlando Florida, but give their potential customers the ability to reach them locally in Denver Colorado. Marketing advantages and customer impression is valuable in these circumstances. more

Everyone feels better when they believe they are doing business locally. Businesses can also give a larger impression with international numbers so customers can avoid calling long distance more