Call Forwarding for Business Call Forwarding for Business

​If you are operating a business, staying connected is a must. Whether you are waiting for clients or for a business partner, you should always be ready to receive their call when it comes. This is especially so if you are operating a small- or medium-scale business, where the owner/operator has a more hands-on approach in the daily operations of the company. One of the ways to ensure that you stay connected is to receive every call that comes your way.

​This is where call forwarding for business comes into the picture. How can this service help you grow your business?

​Call forwarding may no longer be a new technology, but it still gets the job done in many ways. This system is designed to take calls to one phone number and forward these to another, with the second number typically being the phone number of the owner/operator of the business. The logic is that with this system in place, the business owner never misses out on any potentially important phone call. This is important as, for any small business, securing every potential deal and making sure you’re on top of every detail in your operations is crucial for success.

Sure, there are many services out there that offer call forwarding for business. However, if you are from the US or Canada and you want to forward calls coming from these 2 countries (or even outside of these 2 countries if you need it), you should choose Here are some of the reasons why you should avail of their services if you’re handling a small- or medium-scale business.

  • Superior reach -You can purchase any number in the US or Canada and redirect all calls coming to these numbers into a specific phone number. You can even expand your service to include phone numbers in other countries, making their services an ideal option for businesses looking to expand internationally.
  • Reduce call costs - Availing of a call forwarding for business service is a sound business decision to make. It helps you cut down costs as it allows you to make long-distance calls at the price of a local call! Small businesses can enjoy huge savings by availing of such a service.
  • No hidden fees - take pride in not passing hidden charges onto their clients. Not only would you only pay for the time you use for calls, you get charged for these calls using a per-second rounding. You can also make use of voice credits anytime without any expiration date.
  • Affordable prices - Who said that getting high-quality service means paying a huge amount for it? offer some of the most affordable call forwarding services available anywhere. For as low as $5 a month, you can get high-quality call forwarding services, no matter where you are in the country. call forwarding for business is the newest weapon in the arsenal of small and medium-sized businesses in both the US and Canada. Allowing you to receive long-distance calls at the fraction of the normal price, their services will allow you to save a lot of money.

Amazing Savings

Home or Business, low rates for all destinations one click away!

No Hidden Fees

Pay only for the minutes you use. No hidden charges or other fees.

Second Rounding

You will be charged for your calls by second rounding. No hidden fees

Balance Never Expires

Use your Voice Credit anytime, without any expiration date.


100% Quality Guarantee

Enjoy great call quality guaranteed by the latest telecom technologies.

About Us

Phoneroutes is a call forwarding service specializing in direct inward dialing (phone numbers), giving the user the ability to purchase local numbers globally and have that phone number forward to their home, cell, or office anywhere in the world. We stride for reliability and perfection in this service with cutting edge technologies and interconnects with some of the world’s largest phone carriers.

Users have the ability to track phone calls with advanced reporting views, and manipulate the destination of the inbound calls instantly from our award winning user control panel. Customers enjoy very low rates, as we are constantly improving our relations with carriers and carry on the savings to the customers.

Residential Users

Home Users

Giving home users the ability to give a local number to their family and friends so they would not have to incur toll charges (Long Distance) when calling you. Someone in California can give a local Ohio number to their parents to call and that would reach the customer’s California cell phone more

Business Users

Business Users

Showing a local presence to potential customers is important in some industries. With Phoneroutes, a business can have their office in Orlando Florida, but give their potential customers the ability to reach them locally in Denver Colorado. Marketing advantages and customer impression is valuable in these circumstances. more

Everyone feels better when they believe they are doing business locally. Businesses can also give a larger impression with international numbers so customers can avoid calling long distance more